Paper (unbleached in natural shade) mostly light brown /yellowish in colour Gsm Range : - 120 gsm -- 180 gsm (Corrugation Quality).
  200 gsm -- 260 gsm (POY Quality).
 Marketed in Reel Form.
 Reel Size Length 45cm -- 200 cm
 Diameter 30cm -- 80 cm
 Evenly Tight Reels.
 Practically No. Breaks.
 Packing : Ends well pasted : Edges protected with edge protecters. Reels are wraped with stretch film.
 MARKING OF REELS: Defined arrow mark for direction of  rotation of Reels.
 Weight of reel gsm. of paper, reel no. Lot no. marked


 i. Product :- Semi Kraft Paper
 ii. Origin :

1. Agricultural residue pulp manufactured from Wheat Straw, Bagasse, Sarkanda Grass.
2.  Long Fibred Pulp made from Hessian/ Gunny Cuttings/ Jute Mills  Watse Thread etc.
iii. GSM : 120 gsm -- 180 gsm (Corrugation Quality). 200 gsm -- 260 gsm (POY Quality).
iv. Reels / sheets -- Reels.
v. Type : M.G. Finish.
vi. Shade : Natural Shade (light brownish)
vii. B.F. : 20 B.F.
viii. T.F : around 70 taber
ix. Cobb : Non M.G. Side : 30 -- 40 M.G. : 50 -- 60 or as per demand.
x. Breaking Lenght : M.D. : 3200 M -- 3500 M C.D. : 2400 M -- 2600 m
xi. Folding Endurance : Around 20
xii. Finish : Clean comparatively speckless well and uniformal glazed.
xiii. Smothness : Good Resilence softness, High class Printing surface. Back of paper is also smooth and free from hills and valleys.
xiv. G.S.M. : Within ISI norms or even weight variations is less than ISI norms.
xv. Moisture : Within ISI norms.
xvi. Other characteristics such as dimensional stability, weight bearing strenght of boxes made from our papers are betters than our competitors manufacturers.


a) It is corrugation Boxes Basic Raw Material for manufacturing corrugating boxes in various shapes & sizes such boxes are
used for packing of cosmetics pharmaceuticals, textiles , hosiery items, fruits vegetables machinery shapes hardwares
refrigerators, T.Vs, electronics items etc.
b) For manufacturing Textile Cones for Spining Mill Thread Woollens etc. c) For wrapping up of papers in sheets & reels of paper mills  manufacturing white &   quality  papers of paper mills.
d) Absorbent Paper for manufacturing ordinary quality of sun - mica sheets.

VARIOUS INPUTS (for product making) Main raw materials are :

(a) Wheat Straw.
(b) Sarkanda Grass
(c) Bagasse.
(d) Hessian / gunny Bags cutting/ waste jute thread from jute gunny   bags mill
(e) Caustic soda
(f) Rosin
(g) Alum
(h) Sodium sulfite