Finished Product

Paper (unbleached in natural shade) mostly light brown /yellowish in colour.

    • Product: Semi Kraft Paper
    • Origin:
        • Agricultural residue pulp manufactured from Wheat Straw, Bagasse, Sarkanda Grass.
        • Long Fibred Pulp made from Hessian/ Gunny Cuttings/ Jute Mills Watse Thread etc.
    • GSM: 120 gsm – 180 gsm(Corrugation Quality). 200 gsm – 350 gsm(POY Quality).
    • Reels / sheets – Reels.
    • Type: M.G. Finish.
    • Shade: Natural Shade (light brownish)
    • B.F.: 20 B.F.
    • T.F: around 70 taber
    • Cobb: Non M.G.
      Side: 30 – 40
      M.G.: 50 — 60 or as per demand.
    • Breaking Lenght: M.D.: 3200 M – 3500 M C.D.: 2400 M – 2600 M
    • Folding Endurance: Around 20
    • Finish: Clean comparatively speckless well and uniformly glazed.
    • Smoothness: Good Resilence softness, High-class Printing surface. Back of paper is also smooth and free from hills and valleys.
    • G.S.M: Within ISI norms or even weight variations is less than ISI norms.
    • Moisture: Within ISI norms.
    • Other characteristics such as dimensional stability, weight-bearing strength of boxes made from our papers are betters than our competitors manufacturers.
    • Marking of reels: Defined arrow mark for the direction of rotation of Reels.
    • Evenly Tight Reels.
    • Practically No. Breaks.
    • Packing: Ends well pasted: Edges protected with edge protectors. Reels are wrapped with stretch film.

End Uses of Product

    • It is corrugation Boxes Basic Raw Material for manufacturing corrugating boxes in various shapes & sizes such boxes are used for packing of cosmetics pharmaceuticals, textiles, hosiery items, fruits vegetables machinery shapes hardware refrigerators, T.Vs, electronics items etc.
    • For manufacturing Textile Cones for Spinning Mill Thread Woollens etc.
    • For wrapping up of papers in sheets & reels of paper mills manufacturing white & quality papers of paper mills.

Various Inputs (for product making) Main Raw Materials Are

    • Wheat Straw
    • Bagasse
    • Hessian/Gunny Bags cutting/waste jute thread from jute gunny bags mill
    • Caustic soda
    • Rosin
    • Alum
    • Sodium sulfite