Technical Data

From very inception of mill operation, mill is being run on sound technical grounds. To manufacture uniform product quality round the clock, process is controlled at each operating stage with help of process control laboratory. Technical team comprises of qualified experienced, young & energetic officers & skilled workmen. Laboratory is headed by Laboratory Superindent. Necessary gadgets are provided in process equipment for control purpose. Laboratory is equiped with all testing & quality evaluations instruments such as :

  • Gsm tester
  • Calipre tester
  • B.F tester
  • T.S & B.L. tester
  • Folding endurance tester
  • Cobb tester
  • P.H. tester
  • Tearing strength tester
  • Smoothness tester
  • Creasing tester
  • Humidity cum temperature control refrigerator
  • Compression tester
  • S.R. tester
  • Various chemical testing

Equipments and Process

Ist Unit of 130 TPD capacity has M.G. dryers, having open head boxes, foundriener wire part & presses. M.G. has high velocity hood. Pulp mill has rotary spherical digesters potcher washers for brown stock washing a battery of refiners,centricleaners deckers etc.

IInd Unit is of 170 TPD capacity. It is a combined machine having both dryers & M.G. Head boxes of latest design. Rest of equipments & process are identical to Ist unitbut refining equipments are of latest design.

Pulping Process Adopted : It is soda cooking process., Boiler house, & E.T.P. plants, Soda recovery plant are integral part of mill equipments.

Mill is using sub soil water for which deep tube wells have been sunk.